Aun’s Apparel Costume styling is just as important as buying the right one. Your perfect look depends on how you color-adjust or style your accessories in the ensemble you choose to wear, and choosing the right bottom is an important part of clothing styling. .. You can always test with the latest trouser style development as they can create or break your look while always living a simple trouser design in a classic way. The key to a good back is the material and simple styling! You can rely on the basic pants in your closet, but you can always look for something new and refresh your wardrobe.



Pants are also the most comfortable way to upgrade your look from day to night, as if you were wearing a shirt and paired with jeans for a semi-informal look. If you go to the right dinner, you can officially dress up your trousers. .. It all comes down to styling, and although millennials were all about their thin denim. Gen Z is interested in more messy and spacious cuts and Aun’s Apparel cover you. So, skinny denim is outdated and you can choose today’s bottoms trends, so throw it away.

Fortunately, we curated the trendiest pants layout guide. So skip it and continue learning to get the simplest yet great bottoms.

Bell Bottom

This should be our favorite pants fashion. Without a lot of effort, the bass and tone can be your look. Bell-bottoms were huge, especially in denim fabrics in the 70’s, but these days it’s making a big comeback. Pairing a pair of classic and modern shirts and bell back trousers is the best way to make a big entrance at work. The best thing about them is that they have a big impact on you instantly, but they are well fortunate to look like one. As a terrible match, you can look flattering.


Capri Trousers

If you want to polish and put together, capri pants are recommended. They are the perfect office pants, but make sure you choose the right fabric for them. Capri pants are usually cut near the body and the hem goes to the ankles. Very easy to wear and can be combined with different types of tops such as loose fit and slim fit. You can also wear a blazer or trench coat for a dressy look. The secret to victory for capri pants is to pair them with a flowing, airy georgette blouse and heel. This is a strategic style ensemble. When it comes to eastern ensembles, capri pants have been around for some time and are the surest way to get a sophisticated look. Combine designer Culti, preferably buggy fit, and throw Sarah’s Dazzle-decorated Kussa for a traditional and classy look.

Wide Leg Pants

If you’ve learned one thing from the 2021 fashion trends, it’s all about comfort. The days of wearing skinny jeans as everyday wear are over. This year, high-waisted wide-leg jeans are everything. They are comfortable, chic and the best streetwear ensembles. Combined with a simple T-shirt or blouse, it will give you the most comfortable impression.


Skirts may look great for a refreshing, refreshing look in the spring and summer, but if you want a more fluid and easy-to-wear semi-formal look, culottes are the way to go. It’s cute and flattering, and you can easily dress it up to your liking. In addition to solid neutrals, you can also choose a floral print color for a fun and capricious look. In winter, you can choose a shade of brown, white, or black, style it with a cardigan or a chunky sweater, and wear loafers or sneakers.
Culottes are also popular in eastern fashion and are the biggest trend in the summer of 2022. Today, these culottes are also found in formal and luxurious outfits.