Pakistani wedding traditions clothing

Pakistan is a realm composed of distinct customs and vibrant traditions. The beauty of this land can be identified with the weddings they possess. A Pakistani wedding is a sight to behold. It`s a joyful event with sophisticated garbs, heartwarming gettogethers, stirring dance performances, and appetizing meals. Weddings in Pakistan can last up to 7 days, and Each ritual or function happening in that period is breathtaking and elegant. If you are attending a Pakistani wedding for the first time, you need at least a superficial understanding of how every event works. So here is a guide to help with that.


Pakistan’s wedding traditions are old and related to the customs and culture of the Indian subcontinent. These traditions were adopted by the Mughal Empire in South Asia. There is a certain royal family in how weddings are held in Pakistan, as it is related to the culture of the royal Mughal Empire. And weddings in Britain and Pakistan, as well as in Pakistan, are as glamorous as any other wedding in South Asia.

Dholki Tradition

This is a pre-wedding ceremony that takes place one to two weeks before the wedding. It’s a get-together for both families. They gather to celebrate the bride and groom’s unity with enthusiastic dances, friendly songs, and cheerful conversations, all clinging to the fun sounds of the barrel-shaped drums of Dolls. Women can easily show off their dance moves in brightly colored comfortable salwar suits. At this small event, everyone gathers in a circle on the floor covered with floor coverings and cushions to sing a traditional Pakistani wedding march to the beat of a drag. The grandmother congratulates her groom and bride with her prayers and also sings some old songs at the drag faucet. The Dholak is basically an instrument that looks like a double-headed hand drum. One of the women plays the drag and the other women sing and applaud.

Mayun Tradition

A Mayun is taken into consideration an essential a part of a conventional Pakistani wedding ceremony and is taken very significantly in a few elements of the united states extra than others. Mayun takes place some days earlier than the wedding ceremony, in which woman own circle of relatives members, cousins, and buddies acquire across the bride and carry out a few rituals. These consist of setting oil withinside the bride`s hair and ubtan on her face, arms, and feet. These are a number of the stunning traditions of Pakistani weddings made via way of means of our ancestors. Even these days all of those traditions are confident via way of means of our grandmothers and different elder girls of the own circle of relatives to be observed properly.

Mehndi Tradition

After Mayon Volcano arrives on a temporary tattoo night, it usually takes place the day before an important day when all the bride and groom’s friends and family meet to celebrate their wedding. This event is about traditions and classic Pakistani wedding dresses that represent our craftsmanship. Temporary tattoos are all about color, so there are no strict rules about which color to wear. You can choose a pop color or a solid color such as green, yellow, orange, red, or pink. There are traditional vintage embroidery of Gotta, Spiegel, Zari, Mukesh, Zardoji and Dabke. Bride usually opt for a large embroidered lehenga chori or pishwa, combined with a lehenga with a soft make-up look and floral decoration and braided hairstyle. It’s an event where everyone has their hair down and dances at night. Temporary tattoo events include dance contests, rudy, dolquis, folk song songs and a few other fun activities. More or less, this is an event that everyone enjoys to the fullest.

Nikkah Ceremony

Nika is the best part of the wedding. It is a sacred marriage knot between the bride and groom. Each says “yes, yes” three times to show that they are accepting each other. They make a vow to express their love for each other. Ceremony includes ceremonies such as motets, choirs and bells. Nika is when the bride and groom are united together for the rest of their lives. Both sign Nikah Naama, a legal marriage contract with all the terms. Nikka dresses are usually in pastel colours, and brides usually prefer to wear white and then red dupatta or pastel colours, with simple natural make-up and soft looks. The groom wears a simple salwar kurta in a gold or light-colored waistcoat.

Barat Ceremony

Barat is the main event of Pakistan’s wedding after Nikka. On this day, the groom, his family and friends will pick up the bride. This event is held exclusively by the bride’s family. Modern Barat arrangements include wedding halls, dining and photography. The groom usually wears a traditional sherwani on a big day. The Anarkali lehenga dress is the most common Pakistani wedding dress that brides wear in Barat style. Some rituals take place during Barat events. B. Doudo Pillai, where the bride’s sisters receive money and gifts, and Juota Chupai, another ritual where friends and family hide the groom’s shoes for a ransom. The Balat decoration is thematic and the halls are usually decorated with red or pink flowers.

Walima Ceremony

The last and last event of a Pakistani wedding is well known as a reception or Walima . The overall atmosphere of the Pakistan Walima Wedding Event is very comfortable and comfortable. The decoration is very light and , fresh with bright tones of flowers and decorations. The music is very quiet and calm. People wear formal clothes, men usually wear suits, and women wear elegant jewelery and bright sunglasses. Warima, also known as the reception, is a post-wedding celebration. It’s a melodic night with all the glitz and charm. Walima is organized on the side of the groom. On this occasion the bride’s outfit is usually determined by the groom’s family, which is heavily decorated with glitter and sequins. Includes the blessing of the newlyweds, fantastic lighting, and a spectacular dinner party. All wedding ceremonies end with this feature.


At a Pakistani wedding, the bride and groom’s family and friends get together and enjoy each other’s time. It’s a great way to reunite with family and old friends. The wedding ends with happiness, and there are memories to look back on for years to come.